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Angel Investment News
  • Inside the Canadian Start-Up Scene June 27, 2017

    The entrepreneurial spirit is booming in Canada, where thousands of start-ups are developing tech that could change the shape of our lives. No wonder Silicon Valley is paying attention. Read More.

  • AngelList Enables Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs May 23, 2017

    For a new form of funding, initial coin offerings, or ICOs, have been raising money at astonishing speed — amassing about $440 million over two years, mostly for developers of early-stage projects.These crowdsales of new cryptocurrencies give entrepreneurs access to funding from the crowd, and token buyers, in turn, get something akin to a form of equity in the network, since, if the platform becomes more popular, the price for their shares should rise. Read More.

  • 27 Big Industries Where Blockchain Could Be Used May 23, 2017

    Bitcoin’s existence as a decentralized digital currency is made possible by what’s known as blockchain technology, essentially a public ledger that securely and automatically verifies and records a high volume of transactions digitally. Here are a few of the ways that companies — both large and small — are trying to harness the power of the blockchain. Read More.

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