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Angel Investment News
  • Angel investing growing quickly here, report says July 14, 2016

    This may not be the epicentre of activity, but angel investing is alive and well in Manitoba.

    Last year, Manitoba companies raised about $30 million from at least three groups of angel investors.

    According to a report released this week by the National Angel Capital Organization, nationally there was almost a 50 per cent increase in the amount invested by the angel investor groups the group is getting data from. Read more. Read more.


  • Angels put $134 mln to work in Canadian startups in 2015: NACO July 14, 2016

    Angel investors invested $134 million in Canadian startups in 2015, according to a new report by the National Angel Capital Organization (NACO). The report, based on a survey of 32 Canadian angel groups, found dollar flows to some 283 investments up 48 percent relative to 2014. The average deal size was over $1 million. NACO said 2015 is the third year of substantially increased angel investment activity in Canada. Read more.

  • Survey shows angel investments on the rise in Canada – Globe and Mail July 13, 2016

    Canadian startups are benefiting from a buoyant market for early-stage investors, but those that get bigger and more successful encounter a serious shortage when seeking larger growth capital venture investments, according to two reports from Canadian early-stage financing organizations.

    A survey this week by the National Angel Capital Organization – which represents “angels,” or wealthy individuals who invest directly in startups – finds the market for angel investments was “significantly more buoyant in 2015 than in 2014.” Read more.

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AAEAAQAAAAAAAAU3AAAAJDE5ZjIyYWNhLTU4OTAtNGNmNS05NDA5LWY3NTVkZGM4YzRhYQ Windsor Essex Capital Angel Network - “A great Angel investor needs to understand investment risks and be comfortable with the due diligence process” Colin McKillop Meet Colin McKillop, the Executive Director of the Windsor Essex Capital Angel Network (WECAN). The Angel group was established in late 2014 and is located in Windsor, Ontario. WECAN is focused first on business funding opportunities in […]
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