“The Airbnb of food”, Brazilian startup receives US funds

March 22, 2017

Eldar Investments and ECS Capital Partners chose Dinneer, the first South-American startup to receive its funds.

A Brazilian startup has just received financial backing from an American investment fund. Dinneer, is a company that connects hosts that offer dinners in their own house – something like the “Airbnb of food”. Dinneer is a Brazilian startup with widespread international presence – currently operating in 42 different countries.

Eldar Investments and ECS Capital Partners have chosen Dinneer, their first South American startup, to receive its funds. In 2016, the company received investment from Bossa Nova Investments -managed by João Kepler and Pierre Schurmann.

The initial contact between the company and the investors happened during NACO’s 2016 National Angel Summit that took place last October in Vancouver. Dinneer and 6 other startups were  part of “LEAP International” – an Acceleration Program exclusive for Brazilian Startups developed by Launch  Academy in partnership with the Brazilian/Canadian Consultancy Company Dream2B and had the support of NACO, The Brazilian Consulate in Vancouver and Ministry of International Trade of BC.


The idea is not to be a restaurant.

To use the service as a guest, just go to the website, choose among the options, make a reservation based on prices, menus and number of guests, as well as location.

On the scheduled day and time, the host chef welcomes the guests into his or her home to enjoy a full dinner.

Dinneer monitors the process and tries to ensure that the host maintains quality control, serves appetizers, main dishes, desserts, and drinks for all guests. Furthermore, Dinneer also takes care of the whole payment process and the communication between the hosts and guests.

The host receives 90% of the agreed price, 24hours after the dinner. “The idea of value is very different than a restaurant, because the home environment and the host chef sitting right next to the guest takes the experience to another level. On the other hand, the experience at a traditional restaurant, the guest wouldn’t share the table with the owner of the restaurant.” Says Flavio Estevam, Dinneer CEO.


International Expansion

In the 270 cities in which it operates, throughout 42 different countries, the company focuses on the Brazilian expatriate market that represents more than 4 million people worldwide. The idea is to connect Brazilians to other Brazilians through this platform. Currently, there are more than 3000 hosts registered.

With the investment money in hand, the company plans to expand to other markets. “With the new round of investment, we will replicate the same model to other expatriate target markets, the Spanish, Japanese, and Argentinian. Our mission is to give the opportunity to all expats around the world, providing a taste of their native food, bringing a financial and emotional impact to their lives”, concludes Estevam.

Another Brazilian startup also received a proposal of joint venture during the same program lead by Dream2B and Launch Academy, which selected a group of prominent Brazilian startups supported by a private fund of Brazilian angel investors, led by the angel investor Marco Poli.