Introducing NACO Academy


Professional Development for Angel Investors

NACO Academy is a newly launched investor education program designed to develop higher levels of knowledge and skill among Angel investors across Canada. With its specialized Canadian content, the Academy’s ultimate goal is to increase the efficacy of Angel investments in growing entrepreneurial firms. Angels will be able to reach higher levels of success and impact through a comprehensive curriculum of course modules covering the most important aspects of Angel investing activity.

Available Modules

The modules will be delivered through various formats including live half-day seminars organized by NACO, live half-day seminars organized independently by member Angel groups, or a series of abridged online video tutorials for those unable to attend live seminars.

NACO Academy will initially be comprised of 22 modules: nine entry-level modules covering the basics for new Angels, nine advanced-level modules on specialized topics for experienced Angels, and four modules for non-investors who work with Angels.

Twelve  modules are currently available:

101: Angel Investing Overview
103: Adding Value Through Due Diligence
105: Structuring Deals and Term Sheets
106: Powerful Mentoring
108: Exit Strategies
208: Exit Execution
209: Board Governance
210: Digital Tools for Angel Investing
211: Product Metrics for Digital Companies
302: Supporting Angels
303: An Entrepreneur´s Guide to Angels
304: Best Practices for Angel-backed Companies

Why Participate in NACO Academy?

  • Benefit from hands-on learning with experienced instructors
  • Learn from industry best practices through high quality content developed by leading experts
  • Increase knowledge and skills to improve Angel investing outcomes
  • Share resources and network with fellow investors and industry leaders


A Practical Guide to Angel Investing: How to Achieve Good Returns

NACO is proud to announce the release of the first NACO Academy publication A Practical Guide to Angel Investing: How to Achieve Good Returns. Click here for more information.

More Information

If you are an Angel Group manager or NACO member and are interested in hosting a NACO Academy session in your region, please login here for more information.

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