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Our Angel resources serve as a place to share best practices, tools and guides developed by the global Angel investor community. We work with and provide support to our members in delivering key documents, industry standards and up-to-date information on Angel investing. We welcome all Angel investors, investees, Angel group managers and manager of Angel funds to contribute to this community knowledge base. If you are unsure how to contribute or if you have any questions, please contact us.

A Practical Guide to Angel Investing: How to Achieve Good Returns

NACO is proud to announce the release of the first NACO Academy publication A Practical Guide to Angel Investing: How to Achieve Good Returns. Written by Dr. Steven A. Gedeon, the Guidebook is a practical and comprehensive guide to early-stage funding. The guidebook is a must-read for new Angel investors, experienced Angel investors, and entrepreneurs seeking Angel financing.

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If you are a NACO member, we would be pleased to send you copies for only the cost of shipping, please click here to provide mailing details.

“Early-stage investing is an art and science, which this book marries  beautifully. Steven’s book is the ultimate “How To” for this rapidly expanding field, written by someone who has seen the ecosystem from both sides—as entrepreneur and Angel—and who now leads the next generation  as professor.”   – Gerry Pond, Co-Founder, Mariner Partners Inc.

The Primer for Angel Investment in Canada

If you are new to Angel investing or if you are building a business, this primer will provide you with a great starting point for understanding the Angel framework in Canada.

Download the Primer for Angel Investment in Canada

Due Diligence Checklist

Our due diligence checklist was developed by surveying Angel groups across Canada and compiling best practices based on their responses.

Download the Due Diligence Checklist

NACO Common Docs

These standard term sheets for early-stage startup investment in Canada are the result of NACO’s  cross-country consultations with founders, funders, legal experts and other community partners throughout Q1 2017. Start using the NACO Common Docs and unify your funding process with the rest of the Canadian early-stage ecosystem.

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