Member Spotlight


September 30, 2016

“Angel investing is globalizing and there is ever more opportunity to syndicate with peers in other countries.” – Jordan Green Jordan Green is an internationally recognized thought leader in early-stage investing. In over 30 years he has built, grown, advised and invested in entrepreneurial ventures in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia and the USA. A […] Read More

September 23, 2016

“Organizations like NACO are critical. There are so many people making well-intended but poorly derived investments in companies, and my hope is that hearing a bit of our story, and my follow up story as an investor, will provide some useful insight for others.” – Lane Merrifield Lane Merrifield is a co-founder and CEO of FreshGrade, a […] Read More

September 16, 2016

“Today, angel investing has a much higher profile. Networks and angel groups have changed the organization of the market, which sees more government involvement.” – Colin Mason Colin Mason is Professor of Entrepreneurship in the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow. He has held visiting positions at universities in Canada (Ottawa, Memorial and St […] Read More

September 8, 2016

“There are a lot of good ideas out there, but very good people are tougher to find. You need the combination of both elements to build successful startups. It’s not easy, and that’s why most start-ups fail.” – Emilie Boutros Since starting her career as a chartered accountant at KPMG, Emilie Boutros has led finance […] Read More
Chris B

August 31, 2016

“It’s incredibly rewarding to use capital and finance to improve what’s happening in society.” – Christopher Bissonnette Christopher Bissonnette has been a neuroscientist, a day trader, and a co-founder of a VC-funded tech startup. He has been investing full time in early stage tech companies for the past several years and now has a portfolio […] Read More

August 18, 2016

“A great Angel investor needs to understand investment risks and be comfortable with the due diligence process” Colin McKillop Meet Colin McKillop, the Executive Director of the Windsor Essex Capital Angel Network (WECAN). The Angel group was established in late 2014 and is located in Windsor, Ontario. WECAN is focused first on business funding opportunities in […] Read More

May 30, 2016

“We are the stewards of risk capital for our members” Randy Thompson Meet Randy Thompson, the founder of VA Angels (formerly Venture Alberta Forum.) Randy is a serial entrepreneur, constantly on the move between Calgary and Edmonton and beyond. In fact, we caught up with him in Santiago, Chile for this interview.  Since becoming involved […] Read More
SeedUps Canada

April 20, 2016

Spotlighting Founder, and CEO, Sandi Gilbert Meet Sandi Gilbert, the Founder, and CEO of SeedUps Canada (SeedUps). Sandi is also the Chair of NACO’s Membership and a Member of our Policy Committee. Launched in 2014, SeedUps brings a disruptive fintech model which is changing the way individuals invest, and how promising companies find capital. SeedUps […] Read More

March 18, 2016

Spotlighting Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Mark Skapinker Meet Mark Skapinker, the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Brightspark Ventures (Brightspark). Established in 1999, Brightspark is a next-generation venture capital firm based in Toronto, Ontario that invests in early-stage software companies. Why focus on software startups? The Brightspark team is made up of professionals who have been […] Read More

February 20, 2016

Spotlighting President and Co-Founder, Stephanie Andrew Meet Stephanie Andrew, the President and Co-Founder of Capital Investment Network (CIN) and the Associate Partner, Diligence at Espresso Capital. As the leading Angel investor network in Victoria, BC, CIN strongly believes in unifying the investment community to drive regional economic growth. Since its inception in 2014, this Angel […] Read More