Management and Succession Planning of Angel Portfolios

August 23, 2015

How Can Angels Structure Their Portfolios Better?

Angel portfolio management remains surprisingly primitive. Many Angels have built up substantial portfolios over time, yet few give much thought to ongoing management of these valuable assets. The many various spreadsheets, documents, share certificates, warrants, emails and other essential documents are often scattered widely. I understand firsthand the challenges Angel investors face when managing their portfolios and I also understand that things need to change.

At the beginning of October, I will be running a panel at the 2015 National Angel Summit, regarding best practices in portfolio structuring management and succession planning in order to build awareness, and activate change, around this issue. The panel will include two “Super Angels” and a Family Office Professional who will provide first hand perspectives on approaches to filling the portfolio management gap.

The fundamental question we will be addressing is, “how can Angels structure their portfolios better?” We will also be diving into the importance of succession planning for Angel investors.

It may sound morbid, but how many Angel investors have planned or even thought about the huge challenges they would leave their loved ones and executors when they die? Angel investors need to have a well-executed plan in place for their portfolio companies. Like inside companies, succession planning is all about planning for the inevitable to lessen the burden for those who follow.

With this panel, my hope is to shine a light on these less mainstream topics, through awareness and conversation. Throughout the 55-minute session, Summit attendees will learn tangible strategies and tips for proper portfolio management and succession planning. The panel will also ensure that as many audience questions are answered as possible.

It should be noted that the Summit is the signature event of the Canadian Angel investment community, and this three-day conference is an excellent chance to network with startup CEO’s, attend panels and workshops, sharpen your skills, learn from industry leaders and more.

Register for the 2015 NACO Summit today, and use discount code “EARLYBIRD” to save $100 off the member and non-member tickets.

Randall is a seasoned investor and serial technology executive with a passion and track record of building globally innovative growth businesses. A founding partner of VERDEXUS, Randall brings a global network based on deep executive experience particularly in US, Europe and Canada and with an activist style of super angel investing. He was named the 2014 Canadian “Angel of the Year” and is a mentor in the recently launched China Angel Mentor Program.

Randall has numerous exits, with including the US$304 million acquisition of the company he built, MKS, by PTC in 2011 and Vienna based Seekda sold to Demeure in late 2013. VERDEXUS portfolio companies include Coreworx, ExpertFile, iotum and Maintenance Assistant.