NACO Academy QuickFire

Launched in 2018 QuickFire is a webinar series for new and experienced Angel investors looking for easy-to-access education conducive to a busy schedule.

Our Last Quickfire:
The Business of Cannabis

May 9, 2018 12:15 PM EST

What is Quickfire?

NACO Academy QuickFire webinar series is a resource for new and experienced Angel investors looking to take part in continuing education in a way that is not burdensome to an already busy schedule. In these 45-minute online discussions industry experts will impart their vast and in-depth knowledge for your advancement. The webinars fall into two categories, specific Angel investing insights and industry information. If there is a topic you would like addressed please let us know.


Creating and Differentiating your Personal Brand as an Angel

Featuring: Manny Padda

NACO is pleased to present an in-depth conversation with industry expert Manny Padda. This webinar is for Angel investors looking to establish a personal profile and see more investment opportunities.

In this 45-minute discussion, we will look at how you can uncover new opportunities, make better investing choices, clarify your unique voice and value to your ‘clients’, and become a more successful investor.


Blockchain: Adding Value vs. Increasing Valuations

Featuring: Iliana Oris Valiente

Confused about Blockchain and when it adds real value to a business? Join us for NACO Academy's QuickFire with Iliana Oris Valiente the Managing Director, Global Blockchain Innovation Lead at Accenture to shine light on the uses and abuses of Blockchain.


Budget 2018 - What you as an Angel Investor need to know

Featuring Yuri Navarro (NACO) and Paul Walker (BDO).


Super Angels: The Evolution of Startup Financing

Featuring: Sophie Forest, Mike Cegelski, & Alex Norman

Super Angels are getting first dibs on the best new ideas by being smaller, faster, and less demanding of entrepreneurs than VCs. Join our conversation with Brightspark, Panache Ventures and AngelList to better understand their fresh take on investing.


The Business of Cannabis

Featuring: Jay Rosenthal

The Business of Cannabis with Jay Rosenthal has become the go-to source for research, context and insight into the dynamic, ever-changing landscape of the Canadian cannabis sector.

Thinking of investing? Be a part of this conversation first.


Meet Our Moderator

Meet Our Moderator

Mike Fox – CEO of Brightlights

"For over 25 years I have advised high growth tech firms on how to get the best out of their people and how to find great leaders with fit and grit. There’s simply never a day that’s the same."


Got a topic?

If there are topics you would like to see discussed, please let us know.