February 1, 2017

PitchBook has assembled the most comprehensive rankings of PE, VC, advisors and law firms in 2016. From the most active venture firms in the Great Lakes to the most prolific advisors on PE- or VC-backed IPOs, find out which firms are atop the lists. You can see the full report here on PitchBook´s website, or download […] Read More
Ray Walia

April 22, 2016

Let’s be honest, getting traction for your company isn’t easy. As a startup, you need resources, a strong team, and growth strategies that are industry specific to make it in today’s competitive market. Sounds challenging, doesn’t it? These challenges are felt by startups across the country, who don’t have the education or training to successfully […] Read More
Will Hutchins - Expresso Capital

March 31, 2016

Canada’s technology sector has long suffered from chronic underfunding. The vast majority of early-stage companies are bootstrapped, relying on modest sums from friends, family, and Angels. Even VC funded companies in Canada are underfunded relative to their US counterparts, and indications are that North American VC activity is slowing down. We share the consensus view […] Read More

March 23, 2016

This week, Finance Minister Bill Morneau released the 2016 Federal Budget at the House of Commons. Although the new budget does not provide direct benefits for Angel investors and groups, it does outline an Innovation Agenda that highlights an increased focus on early-stage companies, as well as additional support to fuel innovation, drive the economy […] Read More

February 11, 2016

Female Funders is an organization dedicated to empowering 1,000 women to make their first Angel investment by fall 2016. In 2014, I started Angel investing and made three investments in female founded companies I believe in—Bridgit, Locks and Mane and Per Vices Corporation. It felt amazing to spend my time and money investing in a […] Read More

February 9, 2016

Provincial government provides investment in booming technology sector. The British Columbia (BC) government unveiled its full plans last month on the new #BCTECH Strategy, which aims to develop an area of the Canadian economy that’s doing quite well—technology. It’s a shift for a government whose economic agenda has traditionally focused on natural resources. This multi-year […] Read More

January 21, 2016

This post was originally published on Seraf Investor.  It’s exciting news! The CEO of one of your investments tells you that a buyer expressed serious interest in acquiring her company for $30M. Since the company has struggled to find huge growth, you are relieved and do a quick mental “back of the envelope” calculation and you […] Read More

January 12, 2016

From Vancouver to St. John’s, Angel investors are filling the gap between friends-and-family financing, venture capital and other sources of funding across the country. They are investing in Canada’s emerging startups, fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs and supporting technologies across many industries. In the past four years, members of the National Angel Capital Organization (NACO), […] Read More